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One of the largest real-time data sets on the internet

Unique real-time data, at scale

  • The Quantcast Platform is powered by directly collected data from across 100M+ web and mobile destinations. This dataset is future-proofed as it utilizes first-party cookies, not third-party cookies.

  • This data can also be augmented with first-party data from customers’ marketing systems.

  • Ara®, our patented AI and machine learning engine operates on a dataset of about 20 petabytes of data every day to provide unparalleled insights into real-time consumer behavior through our intelligent audience platform.

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How we built our data footprint with Quantcast Measure

  • Launched in 2006, our first product, Quantcast Measure went on to become the #1 adopted audience intelligence solution for the open internet.

  • Today, 100M+ web and mobile destinations leverage Quantcast Measure to understand audience patterns and preferences.

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Explore the platform’s advertising and advanced measurement capabilities all powered by this data.

Use Measure to understand your own audiences.

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