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Quantcast Brand Advertising Solutions Demand More from Brand Maximize the impact of your marketing spend.

Quickly and easily set up brand campaigns in the Quantcast Platform and see the real-time impact on your awareness, consideration, and conversion performance metrics.

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Real-time results across the entire customer journey

Build better awareness and consideration by planning audiences and inventory more effectively. Activate across channels and gain meaningful measurement both during and after your campaign.

Uncover and understand new audiences

Reach precise audiences at scale

Leverage our unique, real-time view of the open internet to build relevant, scalable audiences by content category and/or keyword.

Create unique consumer interest categories

Use a custom list of words or phrases to focus on consumer interest, passions, and intent and build and activate audiences tailored to your needs.

Quantcast TopicMap Actionable Insights
Get real-time actionable insights

Eliminate the guesswork in campaign planning by getting interactive and intuitive insights about the topics of interest for your desired audiences.

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Measure what matters with Brand Lift Live by Quantcast™

Integrated survey-based, real-time measurement of brand performance metrics to drive efficient reach towards those who are considering your brand and away from those who will never consider your brand.

Access premium inventory across channels

Find your ideal audience across premium inventory at scale, so you can plan more effectively before you launch and activate quickly on formats such as CTV, desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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Easily activate expressive creative across multiple formats and channels

Engage customers throughout the entire marketing journey with ads that delight and inspire action. Powered by Ara®, our data-driven formats ensure you achieve stronger, more measurable outcomes by reaching your ideal audience across premium, brand-safe environments.

Digital Ad Format Ctv
Connected TV

Connected TV provides full-resolution advertising to the modern TV viewer. Capture this rapidly growing audience with accuracy and scale to drive more effective, measurable omnichannel marketing.

Custom Rich Media

Amplify your brand message with cutting-edge, interactive rich media. Combining exclusive audience data with over 25 creative units including 3-D, carousels, dynamic feeds, plus unlimited customization, these bespoke ads deliver meaningful impact.

Digita Ad Format Native

Dynamically assembled to match the ideal audience to the content being browsed, native ads generate greater interaction across the entire customer journey. Drive better outcomes by effectively communicating to an audience ready to take action.


Build stronger consumer connections with the power of sight, sound, and motion. Served across premium, highly-viewable inventory, in-banner and in-stream video advertising excels at improving brand-building objectives.

Digital Ad Format Display

Make a greater impact and realize stronger performance with captivating display formats across all channels. From static images to rich media — display ads are ideal for generating memorable brand moments.

Launch and optimize with confidence

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Predictable scale with interactive forecasting and pre-launch diagnostics

Validate that your audience parameters will actually scale before you launch your campaign. Plan and achieve consistent delivery to your ideal audience.

Brand Campaign Optimization Full

Interactive delivery troubleshooting

Take a deeper dive and view how layering filters such as inventory deals, audience traits, location, and brand safety/viewability goals affect your ability to scale while maintaining reach with your ideal audience.

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Start demanding more from your brand advertising today! Maximize the impact of your marketing spend.